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The Hands Free Catalog
Is Now Available!

Get Social With Us!!

#NoHandsNoProblem #NoHandsNoFeetNoProblem


Come like us on Facebook to see what's happening, keep up to date with our events.  Please tag us and share with friends.  A Skills for Life Private Group also available for those missing both arms or all four limbs, please contact us if you would like to be added to the group.


Tweet at us or tag us in your tweets, let us know us what you are up to and use those hashtagsX formerly known as Twitter is just another way to help keep us connected with our community.


LinkedIn for those who may have a clinical background and want to learn more about our programs or how to help people living without both arms or all four limbs.


Instagram for photos and videos... could be upcoming events, tips and tricks, peer connection highlights, interesting stories and/or videos.  Tell us what you want to see, tag us and make sure to use those hashtags.


We have a YouTube Channel! We have content and have linked to other YouTube channels from our Skills for Life community as well.  Everyone does their daily activities slightly different, come see how someone might scramble eggs, wash dishes, get dressed or mow the lawn. If you are curious about a task and it isn't there, just ask us!


TikTok videos... could be funny or cool videos, tips and tricks, or something interesting in general.  Tell us what you want to see and tag us!


Skills for Life Workshop Recordings

Are you interested in recordings from previous workshops? Skills for Life Videos from workshop #2, 4 and 5 are available to purchase online. Click Here to order your copies today. They are a great resource for new bilateral upper limb loss individuals, family members/caregivers, and healthcare professionals. Registered attendees for Virtual SFL 5 1/2 received links for the recordings.  If you are a limb loss individual contact us to get your link.  If you are a healthcare professional click here, to place your order with a small donation.

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Monthly Newsletters

As a way to keep our community connected, we send out monthly newsletters with helpful information and resources.  Click here to access our newsletter archives and to subscribe to future newsletters.


Printable Brochure

Help spread the word about Enhancing Skills for Life and our mission.  Click here to print out this brochure and share with those missing both arms or all four limbs, prosthetists, therapists, physicians, case managers, prosthetic manufacturers, or anyone who would find the information useful.

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Annual Meeting

Once a year we hold a public meeting to keep everyone informed of what we have been working on, able to accomplish and plans for the future.  This meeting is also an opportunity for our board of directors to evaluate the organization's progress towards our mission, set goals for the upcoming year, review our financials as well as our policies.  By doing this, we are hoping to encourage the growth and success of Enhancing Skills for Life.​ View our 2023 Annual Report. The link to watch our annual meeting can be found in our newsletters or can be emailed to you by contacting us. The 2024 Annual Meeting will be held on Tuesday, June 25th at 4:00pm central.


Makerspace Project

Is there something you want to do on your own, but just can’t? Let us help you figure out a different way! Maybe a solution already exists that we can share with you? But, if not, here is a neat opportunity.  Share your challenges with us and if we can help, you will be assigned to work with a team.   Submit your challenge via our online form and someone from our team will be in touch within 72 hours.  Engineering students or folks in the maker community, please contact us if you are interested in participating as a Maker (prizes!).  For more information, see our flyer.

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A Small-Scale Survey of Bilateral Upper-Limb Loss Individuals
This small-n survey recruited 28 individuals with Bilateral Upper Limb Loss. 
Users of each type of prosthesis demonstrate a high level of function. Electric hook users scored slightly higher in number of tasks and other measures. However, no outcomes were significant statistically, except the use of the dominant side prosthesis, which was three times higher than the nondominant side usage. Users identified a dozen categories for desired improvements, with greater dependability and greater grip security as the most commonly requested. Harold also discusses his publication on this AAOP podcast.

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