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#NoHandsNoProblem #NoHandsNoFeetNoProblem

Come like us on Facebook to see what's happening, keep up to date with our events.  Please tag us and share with friends.  Closed groups for those missing both arms or all four limbs also available, please contact us to learn more.

Tweet at us or tag us in your tweets, show us what you are up to in 280 characters or less...use those hashtags

LinkedIn for those who may have a clinical background and want to learn more about our programs or how to help people missing both arms or all four limbs.

Instagram for photos and videos... could be upcoming events, tips and tricks, peer visit highlights, interesting stories and/or videos.  Tell us what you want to see, tag us and use those hashtags.

We have a YouTube Channel! We have content and have linked to other YouTube channels from our Skills for Life community as well.  Everyone does their daily activities slightly different, come see how someone might scramble eggs, wash dishes, get dressed or mow the lawn. If you are curious about a task and it isn't there, just ask us!

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Other Resources Coming Soon!

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