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Monthly Webinars


During COVID, we hosted 14 Tips n Tricks Zoom meetings for our Skills for Life community between May 2020-May 2021. We covered various topics such as kitchen gadgets, technology hacks, dressing, bathing, toileting, taking care of your caretaker, coping & grief, make-up & hair, a caregiver meetup, hobbies, driving, hunting, and where to find resources.


In order to hold our virtual as well as our in person Skills for Life events, we took a break from our gatherings, but we will start back in 2023 with relevant topics. Stay tuned to our newsletters and the private FB group for the zoom invitation link.


Contact Us if you have ideas for future Zoom Sessions or are interested in seeing recordings from previous zoom sessions.

Video recordings were made for several of the sessions, be sure to check out our YouTube Channel for those recordings or on our Resources page for additional information.

Zoom Meetup Schedule 2023:

January 18: Social Hours, plan the year ahead

February: Date and Topic TBD

Private Tips & Tricks Zoom Schedule for 2021:

*Intended for Individuals with Limb Loss/Absence

Jan 20: Make-up & Hair (Kim Gilliam Steele)

Feb 17: Caregivers Only (Mike Lentz, Scott Zweigel)

Feb 18: Hobbies (Annae Jones)

March 17: Adaptive Sports (Christine Lentz)

April 21: Hunting (Jason Koger)

May 19: Driving (Wayne Moorehead)

Jul 20: Post Sepsis (Katy Grainger & Kim Steele)

Public Informational Zoom Schedule for 2021:

*Open to Anyone

Jan 27: COVID & Bilateral Upper Limb Loss (Danielle Melton & Mike St Onge)

February 24: -

March 31: How to Advocate for Yourself & Others (Brad Schwartz)

April 28: Where to Find & How to Access Support (Amputee Coalition)

October 15-16: SFL 5 ½: Still Connected Virtual Workshop

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