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Your donation makes a difference! Missing both arms either below or above the elbow or missing all four limbs poses unique challenges. Having the opportunity to meet others living with the same level of limb loss provides hope, reassurance and allows for the sharing of information that makes living with this type of limb loss easier to navigate. Not only that, but attendees build long-lasting friendships and feel they have a network of support.


Your donations go towards:

  • running the Skills for Life Workshop

  • expansion of programs such as peer visits, group travel, monthly zoom meetings, adapted sports experiences, anything that allows for more face to face interaction

  • our scholarship fund that makes it financially possible for some of our bilateral upper limb loss individuals to travel to the above events or opportunities.

Please consider a donation to Enhancing Skills for Life, 501c3, to help ensure we can host our Skills for Life Workshop every three years as well as other events in between. These events are life changing for bilateral upper limb loss/limb different individuals!


Donate today!

PayPal (credit cards accepted


Checks payable to "Enhancing Skills for Life", 16111 Park Center Dr, Houston, TX 77059.

Sponsorships or Item Donations

 We are always looking for sponsorships, or general donations, from gift cards, to custom works of art, getaways, experiences, adaptive gadgets and more, anything goes! If you are interested in donating for this event, please either fill out this form or contact us by email for more information.

Gold Star (Candid) Gold Seal of Transparency

We are excited to be awarded the Gold Seal of Transparency from Guide Star. Learn more by clicking here.

Corporations, Sponsors, Partners, Donors...

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Making a Difference
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