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Scholarship Applications

Enhancing Skills for Life, aims to provide financial support to individuals missing both arms so they have opportunities to socialize, share tips and tricks and build lasting and supportive friendships within the limb loss/limb absence community. These opportunities include, but are not limited to, the Skills for Life: Bilateral Upper Limb Loss Workshops,  Ronnie's Bowling Tournament, Quad Squad Muster, Amputee Coalition Conference, and Peer Visits. Any opportunity for face to face learning or relationship building is a welcome application.

* Please note that priority will be given to workshop applications during the years the SFL workshops are held, which currently occurs every three years.


Funding requests for assistance with travel and accommodations directly associated with such opportunities listed above are accepted. Approved funding requests will be granted at the discretion of the board and can range from $50 to a maximum of $1000 per individual.

You can start filling in your application request below or CLICK HERE to open a new window to begin the process.

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