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Create Opportunities

Organize Your Own Fundraiser

Contact us if you are interested in organizing your own fundraiser benefiting Enhancing Skills for Life. Think fun run, bake sale, casino night, art contest, skeet shooting, fishing, BBQ cookoff, anything goes!


Get Involved in an Existing Fundraiser

We can always use help at our in person live events such as the Skills for Life Workshops or Ronnie's Bowling Tournament!


Virtual Fundraisers

You can also create your own online fundraiser via Facebook. Raising money for a good cause is just a click away!

Want More?

Have an idea for bringing people together for more personal connections?  Contact Us! We really don't want people to have to wait three years between our workshop events to connect face to face so we are looking to expand opportunities by increasing the in person interactions for those missing both arms. Peer visits, social experiences, additional meetings or sporting activities are all additional programs we hope to include someday.

Enhancing Skills for Life Opportunities
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