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Steve Kaestle

In December 2012, Steve's wife Chrissy

had a kidney stone that led to multi-organ failure and sepsis. She was given vasopressors to increase her blood pressure. The vasopressors saved her life, but as a result she lost all four of her limbs.

Steve and Chrissy have been attending the Skills for Life workshops since 2015 and are passionate supporters of and advocates for those missing both arms or all four limbs.  

Since 2012, Steve's priority in life has been caring for Chrissy.  They have managed a wonderful blend of activities that enhance their life together.


Steve has been employed by Cigna since 1998 in Information Technology and has been fortunate to be able to work from home.  Within Cigna, he has served as a panelist for one of the Employee Resource Groups speaking about his time as a caregiver.


Having been raised in Brazil, France and America those experiences helped Steve manage a different “normal” for most of his life and sharing that has become important to him.

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