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~Education, Events, Resources, & Connections for People Living Without Both Arms or More

Empowering those living without both arms
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Empowering People Living Without Both Arms

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Our unique mission serves people around the world who are living without both arms or all four limbs. Throughout the past decades, we have built bridges between people living without arms, their families, caregivers, and clinicians.


Our flagship event is our Skills for Life: Bilateral Upper Limb Loss Workshop, complemented by regular connections through webinars, support groups, and resources of many kinds.

“The people we serve face complex challenges with dignity and humor, reaching out to others to share insights and care,” says Shawn Johnson, OTR and Executive Director. “This work is powerful and meaningful, touching lives in lasting ways.”

We look forward to getting to know you and all that you bring to this community. 

Legal Information & Disclosure

Enhancing Skills for Life is a US based nonprofit that helps individuals from all over the world who are living without both arms. Donations to the Enhancing Skills for Life are exempted from United States Federal Income Tax under IRS section 501c3 of the Internal Revenue Code. Our Federal Tax ID is 81-2619137.

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