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Adapted Camping

Adapted Camping Weekend



Contact Us if you have any questions or are interested in participating.

Zoom Meetup Schedule 2023:

January 18: Social Hour, plan the year ahead

April 18: New Normal, What is it?

Private Tips & Tricks Zoom Schedule for 2021:

*Intended for Individuals with Limb Loss/Absence

Jan 20: Make-up & Hair (Kim Gilliam Steele)

Feb 17: Caregivers Only (Mike Lentz, Scott Zweigel)

Feb 18: Hobbies (Annae Jones)

March 17: Adaptive Sports (Christine Lentz)

April 21: Hunting (Jason Koger)

May 19: Driving (Wayne Moorehead)

Jul 20: Post Sepsis (Katy Grainger & Kim Steele)

Public Informational Zoom Schedule for 2021:

*Open to Anyone

Jan 27: COVID & Bilateral Upper Limb Loss (Danielle Melton & Mike St Onge)

February 24: -

March 31: How to Advocate for Yourself & Others (Brad Schwartz)

April 28: Where to Find & How to Access Support (Amputee Coalition)

October 15-16: SFL 5 ½: Still Connected Virtual Workshop

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